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China's First Non-destructive Internal Quality and


November 2014 Jiangxi Reemoon Technology officially released China's first non- destructive internal quality and Brix sorting machine. Again Reemoon leaded the innovation of sorting technology and made great contribution in the post-harvest field of fruit and vegetables in China. This sorting machine can grading the fruit by Brix, acidity, color, size, external defect and internal quality. And the sorting accuracy reached the international advanced level. This machine is purchased by Yongquan citrus cooperatives in Zhejiang province Linhai city. Their company’s high-end band is “Terrific Honey Mandarin” and their Chairman is Mr. Feng Yifa. Now the machine has successfully finished commissioning and started the production.

Chairman Feng Yifa of “Terrific Honey Mandarin” is checking the mandarin after sorting by Brix

Non-destructive Internal Quality Sorting Technology

Reemoon’s internal quality sorting machine is using Japanese advanced and mature near-infrared sensor and new generation of full transmittance type detection technology. Reemoon’s IQ sorting machine can do non-destructive sorting of fruit and vegetables by physiological indicators like Brix value, acidity, internal defects and so on.

Unique advantages

1.       Solved the problem of traditional reflective type detection technology can only collect the partial information near the surface of the fruit and vegetables and due to incomplete detection data and low accuracy.

2.  Comprehensive data analysis which can detect internal physiological indicators like Brix value, acidity, hollow, floating skin, brownness, injury and so on.


Navel orange, grapefruit, tomatoes, apples, pears, kiwi fruit, and melons

(Brix and acidity value on the display screen)

(New generation of full transmittance type detection technology by using near-infrared light)

Reemoon internal quality sorting technology

3D Vision Imaging Technology

By using ultra-high resolution industrial-grade digital camera and LED lighting system for holographic data acquisition, and depending on Gaussian modeling algorithm for comprehensive feature detection and analysis under the visually complex background of fruit and vegetables to obtain high quality images. Reemoon visual sorting technology can accurate sorting by the color, size, shape, blemishes and skin folds, rot and other indicators of the surface of fruit and vegetables.

Reemoon internal quality sorting and visual sorting system