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First Show of Reemoon Internal Quality Sorting Mac


Between September 3rd to 5th 2014, Reemoon participated in Asia Fruit Logistica (Hong kong). In this event Reemoon’s internal quality sorting machine became the focus of all the audience. Reemoon’s internal quality sorting machine is using advanced and mature near-infrared sensor and new generation of full transmittance type detection technology. Reemoon’s internal quality sorting machine can do non-destructive sorting of fruit and vegetables by physiological indicators like Brix value, acidity, internal defects and so on. After 13 years focusing on fruits electronic sorting machine, Jiangxi Reemoon Technology manufactured and sold China's first non-destructive internal quality sorting machine.
In three days’ exhibition, Reemoon’s booth attracted numerous visitors. And the demonstration running of this internal quality sorting machine impressed all the visitors.