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About Us

Reemoon is a leading postharvest equipment integrated solutions provider. We focus on customer’s needs, make continuous innovation, cooperate with partnersconstantly improve fruit and vegetables sorting technology, and concentrate on developing, manufacturing and service of postharvest equipment field (including sorting, cleaning, preservation and automation auxiliary equipment). We are committed to providing with high quality, reliable, easy to operate and cost-effective solutions and service to the customer. Through 16 years of unremitting efforts, we have accumulated rich experience, trained a group of professional engineers, and established several service offices in major fruit and vegetables producing areas. Currently, Reemoon products have been used in 22 Chinese provinces, and serve more than 400 customers. Our products are widely used in sorting navel orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, apples, kiwi fruit, red dates and so on.

Creating maximum value for customers and exceeding customer’s expectations are the driving force behind the development of g Reemoon. We insist on customer-centric, rapid response to customer needs and providing tailor-made solutions. We will work on promoting global standardization of fruit and vegetables industry, and become a world-class postharvest equipment integrated solution provider.

Development History

    Company History


    2001:The company was established in 2001.

    2002:The company was moved to the county downtown in 2002.

    2003:Gave birth to the first computerized single-lane sorting system in china in 2003, and built four equipments for our customers in the same year.

    2004:The first high-speed computerized single-lane sorting system was designed and produced in 2004.

    2005:The first high-speed computerized dual-lane sorting system was designed and produced in 2005. In the same year, The Company was expanded and moved to a new site covering an area of 43000 square meters.

    2006:Successfully exported our first sorting line (to Thailand).

    2007:The computerized 4-lane sorting system was born in 2007.

    2008:Manufacture the first electronic fruit double lane vision and weight sorting machine; obtains the national innovation fund support for Small and medium-sized enterprise.

    2009: We were awarded with the “National High-Tech Enterprise” in 2009.

    2010:Manufacture the first electronic fruit Super large sorting machine,which can sort by fruits weight, color, shape, size, volume, density, blemish and other information.

    2011:Through the academician of Chinese academy of engineering experts of staa: equipment technology achieved the international advanced level.

    2012:Automatic enter material system is developed, the independent research and development production of red date sorting machine successfully delivered to the nation's largest jujube industry company.

Leading Care
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